'True Blood' Recap: Eric and Sookie Finally Make Out!

Anna Paquin SookieAnd now, for the moment you've all been waiting for ... without further ado ... drum roll please ... Eric and Sookie finally made out!! Tonight's True Blood, Episode 41, "Me and the Devil," ended with a bang -- or at least the beginnings of one. But I'll tell ya, if Bill busts into Sookie's house next week and interrupts this long overdue pairing, I'm going to be pretty damn peeved! Get over it, grandpa, and let these two crazy kids get it on!

I have to admit, impatient as I've been for Eric and Sookie to have their moment, I understand why it couldn't happen until now. Before, Sookie secretly lusted after Eric (and sort of hated herself for it). Tonight, she full-on fell in love with him ... and realized that he's in love with her! Turns out the no-doubt ridiculously hot sex in Eric and Sookie's future could end up being just the icing on the cake: They looooooove each other!


How do I know this? Because the last scene, when Sookie called Eric back to her open, waiting arms, wasn't even the most romantic moment of the night. The BEST part was when Eric, after having a nightmare about Godric ("How can I miss somebody I don't even remember?" Awwww!), climbed into Sookie's bed to be comforted. After cradling his head in her lap, wiping his bloody tears and stroking his hair, Sookie told Eric he could stay with her until sunrise if he kept "his hands and fangs to himself." He promised to behave, and lay down with his back to her ... then reached behind and pulled her arm around him. So she could be the big spoon!! Sookie and Bill were never anywhere near that sweet together.

And as much as I wanted to smack Tara for freaking out on Sookie about being a "hypocrite," I guess we sort of have her to thank for tonight's Eric/Sookie relationship turning point. When Tara laid into Eric for all of the "cruel" things he did in the past, that's when he understood how much of Sookie's pain he was responsible for and chose to walk away rather than risk hurting her again.

Which was all Sookie needed as proof of his true feelings!!! 

I'm pretty sure there were a few other things going on tonight, too ... some witches, a possessed baby, a couple of murders ... but I can't be positive. Tune in next week for another look at The Eric and Sookie Show True Blood.

Do you think Eric and Sookie are in love?


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