'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Kim G's Manners Are Scarier Than Her Lips

real housewives of new jerseyIf anyone can start an episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey with a bang, it's plastic surgery deterrent incarnate, Kim G. Or, actually in this latest ep, Kim G. with a little help from Caroline and Chris Manzo. And thank God, 'cause somebody had to tame that hot mess.

We all know from last week's episode -- and the entire series in general -- that Kim was seriously trying to stir up some stuff bringing Monica Chacon, Teresa's arch enemy, to Joe and Melissa Gorga's party. 'Cause that's what she does best -- stir s**t up. But I have to say, as much as we all know Kim loves drama, I was still kind of shocked to see that she continued to talk crap after her plus-one was kicked out. Where are her manners? Was she raised by some sort of Restylane-obsessed pack of wolves? Thank God Caroline and Chris kicked her out.


Not saying I condone that kind of petty behavior, but I would at least get it if she was at her own house. Homegirl showed up at Melissa's Christmas party with a (unannounced/unwanted) guest, said guest was thrown out, then she stays and bad mouths Teresa (the reason Monica was thrown out) in front of her friends. What is wrong with this woman? Is she really that desperate for camera time that she will go and make a complete buffoon out of herself? It ain't worth it, girl, trust me. Also, a little tip: I'm pretty sure Emily Post wrote in her etiquette book that if one brings a friend to a party and the friend gets kicked out, one leaves with them.

And can we discuss the drams between Ashley and Chris? I'm so Team Chris on this one. Aren't you? I mean, he does everything for her -- not just buy her stuff. Every time she has a problem, he seems to be the one listening to her and trying to give her stern, fatherly advice. I wish she would stop making him feel bad. And how awkward was it when she brought her problems with him up? Couldn't she have waited 'til they were home or not in front of the entire family? Maybe he should teach her manners. It could be, like, their bonding thing or something.

The last thing I want to quickly mention about tonight's episode is Joe Gorga. Was he not totally trying to create drama before he and Melissa even got to Teresa's? On the car ride over, there he was bitching non-stop, acting like something happened, when, in reality, nothing at all did. He just didn't want to go there. And he even tried to drag Melissa into his pity party by bringing up Cookie-gate 2009. I hate when people do that. In the end it seemed like he had a nice time, though, which made me happy, because as obnoxious as he and his sister can both be, me no likey watching siblings fight.

Oh, sorry, one more thing worth mentioning here. Was anybody else a little taken off guard when they saw that Melissa had a nanny -- a serious one, too, if she was spending Christmas Eve with them? Didn't she say something a few episodes ago about raising her kids all by herself when she was talking crap about Teresa's mom helping Teresa all the time? I don't know, I thought it was weird. And contradictory. But, then again, that seems to be Melissa "Jesus" Gorga's bag.

What did you think of tonight's episode?


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