Kim Kardashian Wrecked Her Vegas Bachelorette Party

kim kardashian vegas bachelorette party taoKim Kardashian celebrated her last big night out as an unmarried woman at her bachelorette party last night at the nightclub Tao in Las Vegas. And, as you would expect from the reality star, the party sounds like it had all the wild and crazy traditional trappings any bride-to-be could dream of ... or cringe at. After all, party hostess and younger sis, Khloe Kardashian, vowed to do her best to embarrass Kim in front of other guests sister Kourtney Kardashian, mom Kris Jenner, and friends LaLa Vasquez Anthony and Brittny Gastineau.

But surely, the "Tao Bacheorette" pink sash and light-up tiara Kim had to wear, suggestive accessories (phallic straws and a cake), and even the miniature male stripper who jumped on the dinner table to perform a striptease were all in good fun. Actually, overall, it sounds like a picture perfect night, right? That is until ... Kim totally broke down and totally wrecked her own bachelorette party!


Oh yeah. See, fiance Kris was partying nearby, having his own bachelor party at LAVO with all of the guys of the Kardashian crowd and basketball star buddies. And Kim actually went over to his VIP booth to surprise him around 2 a.m.!

Huh!?! What? Let's back up and review. This was Kris's last hurrah as a single dude, which, let's face it, after The Hangover, is treated like a sacred thing to men ... especially in Vegas. AND it was Kim's last hurrah as a single lady out with just the girls!! Yet Kim thinks it's okay to show up to say, "Heeeeyyyy honaaay!" Ha, noooooo! It's not supposed to work like that. But I guess we know from Kim's track record that she's not very good at keeping the male attention at bay -- even for one night. And ah well, that's okay! We love her in spite of it and sometimes, because of it!

Plus, well, I guess it's a testament to how in love these two are that they couldn't stay apart. In fact, Kris planted a huge smackaroo on Kim in front of everyone in the club. (Because, really, what else are you going to do when everyone, plus cameras probably, are staring while your fiance crashes your bachelor party?) Then, Kim only hung out for a little while, before leaving her hubby-to-be alone with the other guys and doing her own thing with the other K women. Whew! Thank goodness! Hopefully, in the end, she made the most of her big night!

Do you think Kim should have seen Kris in the middle of their bachelorette/bachelor parties?

Image via EBLV/Splash News

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