Amy Winehouse Death: Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, More Celebrities React to Devastating News

Amy Winehouse
Amy Winehouse
This morning's news of Amy Winehouse's death definitely struck a chord with me, as a recovering alcoholic myself. It also struck a very emotional chord in Hollywood, where too often they see drug and alcohol addiction and its most horrific outcomes.

Unless you're an addict or recovering addict or love or have loved an addict, it may be hard to sympathize with Winehouse, who seemed hell bent on self destruction. However, what many don't understand is that addicts like Winehouse who use their addiction to cope are often just trying to figure out how to live. It's never pretty, but it's true. They don't know any other way and often feel like jumping out of their own skin. I know I did a lot of the time. Unless they are able to truly tap into the coping tools available through rehab and get help with emotional issues, dependency becomes incurable -- and one of the most heartbreaking life struggles there is.

Read on to see 25+ celebrity reactions to Amy Winehouse's passing.


It seems Hollywood and its biggest celebrities are very familiar and in tune with what it means to be an addict and are feeling genuinely heartfelt over the loss of such a talented artist.

rihanna tweet amy winehouse

rihanna Rihanna
Dear God have mercy!!! I am SICK about this right now! #DearAmy
I am genuinely heartbroken about this #DearAmy
#DearAmy U made a MAJAH impression on this industry and throughout the world, in such a short space of time...too short! #ICONSneverDIE
Katy Perry
katyperry Katy Perry
RIP Amy Winehouse. May she finally find peace.
Kim Kardashian
KimKardashian Kim Kardashian
I just heard the news that Amy Winehouse passed away. What a true talent. I pray she's in a better place & at peace.
Khloé Kardashian
KhloeKardashian Khloé Kardashian
Wow! I just heard about Amy Winehouse passing away! Wow! So sad :( what an amazing talent.
Kelly Osbourne
MissKellyO Kelly Osbourne
i cant even breath right my now im crying so hard i just lost 1 of my best friends. i love you forever Amy & will never forget the real you!
Dr. Drew
drdrew Dr. Drew
SO sad, another lost to addiction. A reminder this is often a fatal condition. Recovery is possible, but sadly not for Amy Winehouse
Marlee Matlin
MarleeMatlin Marlee Matlin
I am always shocked when someone dies because I prefer to have hope for recovery than expect failure, having dealt with addiction myself.
Juliette Lewis
JulietteLewis Juliette Lewis
Im so upset that Amy didnt make it out of the prison that is drugs/alcohol addiction.She was such a funny and unique soul.I'm so sad rghtNow
Seth Meyers
sethmeyers21 Seth Meyers
Years ago Sudeikis told me Winehouse's "Valerie" was as good a start-the-day song you'll hear. He was right. I'll miss her.
Ricky Martin
ricky_martin Ricky Martin
i just found out. I feel pain. I feel anger. Rest beautiful girl rest. You are free! #RIPAMY
samantha ronson
samantharonson samantha ronson
I'm not sure how anyone with a soul can make jokes about the passing of one of the most talented artists this generation will see.
Bruno Mars
BrunoMars Bruno Mars
Kanye said it best "If you admire somebody, you should go 'head and tell em' People never get the flowers while they can still smell em"
RIP Amy Winehouse. You gave the world something its never heard before. Thank you for being a true inspiration..
Lea Michele
msleamichele Lea Michele
Devastated to hear about Amy Winehouse...she was truly one of a kind...
Matthew Morrison
Matt_Morrison Matthew Morrison
A very sad day. The world lost an incredible talent... My thoughts and prayers are with her family and loved ones.
BoyGeorge boygeorge
I cannot contain my sadness and my anger about Amy Winehouse. Rest in peace child, it is a deeply sad day for many reasons!
Tatum O'Neal
Tatum_Oneal Tatum O'Neal
My friend just told me Amy Winehouse died of a drug overdose! Man - what a loss!! DRUGS SUCK!!!
Busy Philipps
Busyphilipps25 Busy Philipps
Amy Winehouse, I'm sad that you couldn't ever find peace & beat your addiction & that we won't get any of the songs you would've written...
Ryan Seacrest
RyanSeacrest Ryan Seacrest
Sad to lose Amy Winehouse - incred talent. Both @LadyGaga & @OfficialAdele say Amy paved way for them
danielle staub
daniellestaub danielle staub
#RIP @amywinehouse this is a great loss and very sad indeed RIP beautiful!
Alec Baldwin
AlecBaldwin Alec Baldwin
Amy Winehouse. How sad.
Sean Hayes
theseanhayes Sean Hayes
So sad to hear of #amywinehouse's death. I always wish that talented artists with addictions can overcome these kinds of problems.
John Stamos
JohnStamos John Stamos
a reminder to respect and be grateful for our gifts. RIP amy winehouse. #imnosaint
Jared Leto
jaredleto Jared Leto
A sad and tragic loss of a true artist. Rest in peace Amy Winehouse.
Demi Moore
mrskutcher Demi Moore
Truly sad news about Amy Winehouse. My heart goes out to her family. May her troubled soul find peace.
Jessica Alba
jessicaalba Jessica Alba
So sad about Amy Winehouse -she was so talented. Really tragic.
Jamie Oliver
jamieoliver Jamie Oliver
Such a terrible shame to loose Amy winehouse such a talent, such a waste, raw talent. @ Centeral essex
Scott Simon
nprscottsimon Scott Simon
Amy Winehouse will make more money from her music dead than when she was alive.
Paris Hilton
ParisHilton Paris Hilton
So sad to hear about Amy Winehouse. What a talent, way to young to die. Addiction is such a deadly disease. She's now in a better place.
Sandra Bernhard
SandraBernhard Sandra Bernhard
some people can't handle it and it's terribly sad, another great talent gone gone gone. amy winehouse.
Roseanne Barr
TheRealRoseanne Roseanne Barr
oh no not amy winehouse. great great writer! Bye Amy! We love you! rest in peace 

How are you reacting to this sad news today? 


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