Kim Kardashian Can't Outdo Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding

kim kardashianThe world all but stopped on its axis April 29 when Kate Middleton and Prince William wed. Will it happen again on August 20 (supposedly) when Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries tie the knot? The Kardashian clan seems to think so. In fact, sister Khloe has been referring to the event as Royal Wedding 2.

There's no denying that Kim's wedding is going to be huge -- may-jah -- and there even are some similarities between hers and Kate's. Both weddings will have been televised; Kim's, of course, on her family's show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kate's on every channel in the world and one on Mars. Everybody is waiting with bated breath to see what Kim's going to wear, as they did with the Duchess. And the Twitterverse is sure to all but spontaneously combust the day of Kim's wedding just like the day of the royal wedding.

But there are still a few differences. Big ones. Sorry, Kimmy.


First, and most important, the royal wedding was about ... royalty. It was literally a Disney movie incarnate. Not saying Kim isn't just as lovely as Snow White, but I think the hovering, chirping birds and pumpkin-shaped carriage are strictly reserved for princesses.

Two, Kate and Wills had a loooong drive (well, it seemed like a long drive, but maybe that's just because I've played it 900 times over in my mind) from Buckingham Palace to Clarence House. I don't think Kim and Kris are going to do anything like that on their wedding day. And if they do, E! will edit it down to a 10-second blip. Thanks, Seacrest.

Three, although everyone's excited to see what Kim's going to be wearing exactly, we're all pretty sure it's a Vera Wang dress since she's going in and out of the designer's shop a million times lately.

Four, we're going to see the "happily ever after" with Kim and Kris since it's bound to be on one of the 40 Kardashian reality shows. We only have pictures of Wills and Kate to go off of, which makes them a bit more mysterious. I digress, though, since that's not actual wedding day stuff.

Five, nobody is going to show Kim up on her wedding day. Not saying that Pippa did that to Kate, but, you know, lots of people took notice of the stunning Middleton sister the day she got married. Khloe and Kourteney are lovely girls, but everyone's eyes are sure to be on Kim. And that's a good thing, girl!

Do you think Kim's wedding is going to be the Royal Wedding 2?


Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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