Kate Middleton Under Too Much Pregnancy Pressure

kate middleton wedding veilBlimey! What do people want Kate Middleton (i.e., Duchess Catherine) to do, start tweeting every time she ovulates? Last week everyone was afraid Kate is too skinny to get pregnant. This week comes the breaking news that Kate and Will are saving the top tier of their wedding cake, which is traditionally served at the first child's christening. So she must be trying to get pregnant! Or ... not.

We don't know when Kate and Will want or plan to have a baby. But one thing's for sure, when and if they do start trying, all this pressure is not going to help produce an heir to the crown.


There's little doubt in the medical community that stress can lead to infertility, and if having your reproductive system under global scrutiny isn't stressful, I don't know what is. And the anecdotal evidence regarding stress and difficulty conceiving is even more convincing.

If you're like me, you know of at least a handful of couples whose journey to starting a family followed this trajectory: Husband and wife decide it's time to have a baby. They start trying. It doesn't happen right away, which makes the couple stressed out. The tension mounts and the months pass. Finally, they decide to adopt a child. As soon as the adoption goes through ... tada! The wife gets pregnant! The moment all the pressure is off!

I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like to have the world's expectations heaped on top of your own and your partner's hopes -- talk about performance anxiety! And this process is such a private one. It's just gross how intrusive we think we can be -- it reminds me of that creepy tradition practiced hundreds of years ago, when "official" types would hover around on the royal wedding night to make sure the wedding was consummated. How romantic!

Do you think Kate's under too much pressure to get pregnant?

Image via Jennicatpink/Flickr

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