New Sarah Michelle Gellar Show 'Ringer' Will Be Amazeballs (VIDEO)

sarah michelle gellar in the ringer

Sarah Michelle Gellar is officially back. The 34-year-old actress and mother of a 2-year-old girl is starring in Ringer, a psychological drama that will start airing this fall on the CW. She stopped by Comic-Con 2011 on Thursday to promote her new show and apparently the reviews have been positive. I think we've all wanted Buffy Sarah Michelle Gellar back on the WB CW for a while -- or is it just me and the other Buffy nerds who are in love with SMG and have been waiting for her triumphant return to TV?

Either way, her new show Ringer looks good. Like, really good. Like ... Buffy good. (But without the vampires.)


And I for one am glad there aren't any blood-sucking vampees in this show because even though SMG paved the way for vampire dramas, the market for those kinds of shows is already over-saturated. Our smarty SMG knows that, which is probably why her new drama involves twins, murders, witness protection, the mob, a hot detective, a British husband, and sister rivalry. Sold.

Sarah gets that topping Buffy would be nearly impossible, but I think Ringer could come close. It's totally different from Buffy, which is good. Here's how SMG described it to her fans at Comic-Con:

I'm not trying to re-create Buffy and I'm not trying to top it. I'm trying to do something that the fans, who have been so good to me, will love. I'm a television watcher, and this is the kind of show that I would watch.

Me too, Sarah, me too! I'll watch! Best part about the show is that it looks like, for the first episode at least, that we'll have a double dose of SMG ... she plays twins Parent Trap style. Then one commits suicide (or does she!?) and the other one assumes her identity to escape her own harried past. Forget TNT, the CW knows drama.

Ringer will air Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on the CW.

Does the show sound good to you? WATCH the trailer:

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