Reason for Robert Pattinson's New Haircut Revealed!

Lots of exciting Twilight-related news from Comic-Con, guys! Apparently Kristen Stewart feels that she's been "ramping up to shoot the (wedding) scene for years," hurricane season hit the cast's Brazil honeymoon location after the first day, vampire contact lenses are a total pain to wear, the birth scene is like totally hardcore, Taylor Lautner did at least one stunt with no safety wires, and—um, wait a second, what in the sparkly hell is going on with Robert Pattinson's hair?

It turns out the most talked-about sight at the Breaking Dawn panel wasn't that infamous sex scene after all. Instead, it was Robert Pattinson's new 'do, which I can only describe as a partial mullet. Business on the side, party on the other side.

So, what's the story behind the half-buzz? There's an official story, of course, but I have some theories as to what really happened.


The Breaking Dawn scene got re-enacted at home. You know how Edward goes all ape-man in the book and rips up the bedroom while he's ravaging Bella, right? Who's to say R-Patz and Kristen Stewart didn't get a little worked up filming this pivotal moment and decided to play "Powerful Yet Helpless in Your Presence Vampire and Overcome With Repressed Hormones Human" back at their mansion or hotel suite or crew trailer or whatever? I'm just saying, they may seem kind of mopey and broody in real life, but maybe they're just crazed sexbeasts. Hair-pulling can go too far, kids.

R-Patz is trying to hide his bald spot
. In a fit of weepy emo desperation triggered by some bad overhead lighting and the revelation that no matter how handsome he may currently be, he's destined to morph into Prince William any minute now, Robert Pattinson viciously attacked his own head with a pair of scissors. Bad move, Rob.

He has a Comic-Con reputation to live up to. Maybe Pattinson is just trying to keep the crazy-hair Comic-Con tradition alive. After all, this is what he looked like in 2008:


Well, I hate to disappoint you since those are obviously some very fine theories, but the official excuse for why Edward looks like he lost a fight with an oscillating fan is that he's starring in the upcoming thriller Cosmopolis, which is "centered on a young man who makes an odyssey across Manhattan in order to get a haircut." Uhhhh. Okay. That sounds ... awesome.

What do you think of Robert's new 'do? Do you loooooooooooove him no matter what he does to his head?

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