'16 and Pregnant' Stardom Doesn't Come With Health Insurance

At just 19, 16 and Pregnant star Aubrey Wolters has had a lifetime of problems. She has been married, legally separated, pregnant, a single mom accused of having a drug problem, arrested for shoplifting, and now sick with a tumor she can't remove because she can't afford it.

The young mom has a "sizable" tumor in her throat that has left her unable to eat or sleep, her mother said. And because the teen has no health insurance, she can't afford to have it removed.

For all those who criticize MTV and say they glorify teen pregnancy and make the girls want babies so they can be rich and famous, it's a rude awakening. This poor girl can't even afford to help herself.


She has been far from perfect, of course. She was arrested on suspicion of shoplifting at Walmart and then cited for having prescriptions pills without a valid prescription, as well as possession of dangerous drugs.

These girls really are the cliche of what teen parenthood is and what life looks like after having a baby too young. But a tumor just adds insult to injury.

The problem is, these are real girls. They are not celebrities or overpaid actresses for whom it's hard to feel too sorry. They are young girls who made massive, life changing mistakes and eventually -- once the hoopla dies down -- they will be a little older, but still in pretty much the same situation.

The ones who make it, like Maci and maybe Farrah, do so because they have help and they have something inside that drives them forward. Unfortunately, the grand majority of the girls weren't careful about birth control because they are generally not very responsible. This is something we see time and again with Amber Portwood, Jenelle Evans, and now Aubrey, too.

It's sad. But it's real. It just seems like a pretty unfair world in which a girl who already has so many strikes against her is also suffering from severe health problems. And those who judged her weight loss and called her anorexic likely feel pretty bad right now.

It isn't just a show. It's also "real life." And it doesn't always have a happy ending.

Does this make you sad?


Image via MTV

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