'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Deserves Jail This Time

It had been a while since we last heard from Teen Mom Jenelle Evans and most of us probably thought that meant she was getting better. Not so. The young mom is in a heap of trouble after she violated her probation and tested positive for THC, a substance found in marijuana, and admitted using the drug.

It's actually possible she could end up in prison and it kind of seems like the right thing. On top of the drugs, some reports claim that Evans didn't do her prescribed after-care and is behind on payments.

It's time for Evans to pay the piper. She has been babied enough and, at this point, she may only get better through real tough love.


What will happen to her young son Jace while she is behind bars? He will likely stay with her mother, but let's recall that Jenelle's mother also raised her. So what does that mean for poor Jace?

The only chance he has is if his mother actually grows up and starts behaving like an adult, and that doesn't seem likely to happen as long as people are enabling her. Yes, it's stupid to go to prison for marijuana. But it's also stupid to smoke marijuana when you know you will have a drug test.

That is the problem with Jenelle. It seems like nobody has ever given her limits and she has never learned them herself. Between physical violence, drugs, stealing, and bad relationships (and teen pregnancy, duh), Jenelle is on a really self-destructive path that no one can save her from except herself.

Prison can't be fun and it can't be as cushy as MTV or rehab, which is exactly why she needs it. Jenelle needs to do time for her crimes and maybe, just maybe, she will become a grown-up in the process.

Do you think she should go to jail?


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