'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Ramona & Sonja Have Been Acting All Season

real housewives of new yorkLast year's finale of The Real Housewives of New York left us wanting more. Ending at Ramona and Mario's vow renewal ceremony, Jill and Bethenny's real-life drama kinda/sorta looked like it might come to an end. The episode felt like the beginning of something more. This year's finale was a joke. An offensive joke. And I'm now 100 percent certain that Ramona, Sonja, and Mario (and probably the others!) have been acting the entire season.

Let's cut to the chase: Did Ramona honestly think she was pregnant?! Answer: Hell mothering-effing no she didn't! She's 55 years old. I understand stranger things have happened, but still -- could it have been any more obvious that this was completely and totally for ratings since the show's just not that interesting now that Bethenny's gone?


Let's retrace our steps. First, the subject of Ramona and Mario having another child "casually" comes up while they were hanging out with Alex and Simon. Then, suddenly, as if on cue, Avery, adorable girl that she is, pops into the room and recites like her mom told her to tells everyone that Ramona still gets her period. I mean, what? What 16-year-old does that? And Ramona tries to act all embarrassed. Pu-lease.

Then, two scenes later, which, let's be honest, could be a month later in actuality, Ramona is at Sonja's house in the best Victoria's Secret push-up bra she can find, claiming she thinks she's pregnant. Sonja, good supporting actress she is, jumps up and down with glee, saying that it's probably true since her dogs are sniffing around Ramona's midsection. Seed number two planted.

Then finally, while at LuAnn's ludicrous "One Year (of Dating) Anniversary Party," Ramona tells Mario "the news." Truth be told, who knows if he actually believed it or not. He seems like a nice guy, but, holy bazinga, is he dumb.

Ramona and Sonja's first trip to the bathroom is when I started getting pissed. "She better not bust out a pregnancy test," I thought. Because that right there is the biggest F.U. an avid Housewives viewer could get. I get that reality T.V. isn't necessarily "reality" all the time, but did they, for a single nanosecond, think that we wouldn't catch on to their bulls**t at that point? Who brings a pregnancy test to a party -- especially when you're not the one possibly pregnant? Sonja's excuse of "buying the pregnancy test as soon as she heard the news" is the biggest pile of bird doo I've ever heard. Seriously, ladies, are you that desperate for ratings?

In the end we find out that Ramona's not pregnant. Nor did she ever think that she was. The entire episode, save for Alex's awkward photo shoot, was built on a gigantic lie. Ramona and Sonja clearly sat down and plotted this "drama" out, just as they plotted their weird behavior all season. Face it, the show is boring without Bethenny. And the rumors that Bravo is thinking of recasting the show are probably true. And after watching this episode, I hope they are.

Ramona has always been nutty, so if she's gotten a little nuttier this season, it's really nothing to take note of. But Sonja is literally a completely different person this season. It seems like she's playing a character. And in the finale episode, she played it horribly. "Oh, let me just take out this handy-dandy pregnancy test I brought." Give me a break.

Needless to say, this episode left me horribly disappointed. It was fun chuckling at LuAnn for having an anniversary party, but who knows if that was even legit. That could have been a stunt, too. Everybody knows every Housewives season has to end at a party. (Though knowing LuAnn, it probably wasn't.) At least we have the reunion to look forward to. I'm sure that Andy Cohen will at least call the ladies out for being the big, fat liars that they are. And that's sure to spark some (real) fights.

What did you think of the finale?


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