Sonja Morgan Will Never Be Bethenny Frankel

sonja morgan bethenny frankelI used to like Sonja Morgan. Last season on The Real Housewives of New York, she actually was my second favorite cast member after Bethenny Frankel. She was a fun-lovin' gal, who appeared to be the voice of reason on Scary Island. I don't know what's gotten into her this season, though. Totally. Different. Person. Actually, scratch that. I do know what's gotten into her: She wants to be Bethenny Frankel.

Morgan, who's recently declared $19.8 million in bankruptcy, apparently is using the former housewife and current millionaire as a model for her life. She says she's going to start off by getting deals, a la Bethenny via Skinnygirl, then she'll have a baby, and she'll top it all off with a balls to the wall wedding.

Sounds nice, Sonja. 'Cept it's not gonna happen for you. Sowwy.


The real reason Bethenny became so successful is because she kept it real on RHONY. Like, really real. She never made excuses for what she did, and didn't blame boo on the editing. She was who she was, and if someone has something to say to her, she'd listen. Unlike the entire current cast, who all talk over each other. Including Sonja.

Although I'll always have a small place in my heart for the kooky blonde, I'm just not feeling her this season. Every episode she's talking about how she used to hang out with famous sheiks, her summers in Saint Tropez, and how her bankruptcy is all about some weird movie deal gone wrong. Own your stuff, girl. Admit that you spent too much. And stop spending! Lose the "help" and do your own damn hair and makeup. That's what Bethenny would do. That's what Bethenny did do. And look at her now.

For me, personally, Housewives has been missing something ever since Bethenny left. It's just not the same without one sane person to be able to relate to in the sea of crazies. Last year, I would have thought that person would have been Sonja, but something seems to have gone awry.

Also, side bar, Bethenny had a "thing" from the start. Health, and cooking, and Skinnygirl were always her game. What's Sonja's? She needs to have a thing -- an actual thing, not just a get-rich-quick scheme -- in order to get her Bethenny on. As far as having a baby and getting married, sure, that could happen. Sonja's a beautiful woman. Why not?

I think Sonja just needs to start owning what she does, stop passing the buck. And stop with this stupid toaster oven crap -- what the hell is that? If she's just a little nicer, she may not become a millionaire, but she will become a hell of a lot more likable.

Do you think Sonja is the next Bethenny?


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