Katy Perry’s 9 VMA Nominations Are a Damn Curse!

katy perryAsking me if I like Katy Perry is like asking me if I like eating a family-size bag of M&Ms while I watch re-runs of Friday Night Lights. Of course I do! Katy's fun, she consistently pumps out hot pop tracks that I can sing along to in the shower, she gives funny interviews, and I love a girl who makes fun of her own rack. I'm not alone, turns out, because Katy has been nominated for nine VMAs. If you're asking yourself if you caught a niner in there, you sure did.

Katy was pretty surprised when she heard the news, thinking at first that there must have been a typo -- that she couldn't possibly have gotten nine noms. Welp, I would warn Katy not to get too excited ... she hasn't been handed any Moon Men just yet. I mean, have you seen her competition?


So Katy's nominated for a MTV Video Music Award in these nine categories:

  • Best Pop Video ("Last Friday NIght")
  • Best Female Video ("Firework")
  • Best Collaboration ("E.T." featuring Kanye West)
  • Best Art Direction ("E.T." featuring Kanye West)
  • Best Cinematography ("Teenage Dream")
  • Best Editing ("E.T." featuring Kanye West)
  • Video of the Year ("Firework")
  • Best Direction ("E.T." featuring Kanye West)
  • Best Special Effects ("E.T." featuring Kanye West)

"E.T." is my least favorite song of hers, but whatever. Anyway, she's up against Adele in most of her categories, as well as Britney Spears and Lady Gaga. Those are going to be tough names to beat! I have a feeling Katy will walk away with nothing. Here's why.

When an artist is nominated over and over again, I think voters get complacent, and think that "Oh, Katy will win for something, I don't need to vote for her." They think that someone else has got it covered in some other category, that even if they love Katy, they don't need to vote for her because clearly she'll win for something.

And then where does that leave our Katy? She'll be crying her colored contacts out in the bathroom, listening to Tara Reid throwing up in one of the stalls, mumbling about how she used to "be someone."

I don't wish that on anyone.

If I had it my way, Katy would win for Video of the Year. I think "Firework" is a great short and could totally beat Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" in that category. And frankly, I've barely heard of the other nominees for Video of the Year, so yeah. Katy all the way.

How many/which awards do you think Katy will win?

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