Alexander Skarsgard Is as Smart as He Is Hot (VIDEO)

alexander skarsgard graduationBefore today, I thought my crush on Alexander Skarsgard was completely normal. You know, just your typical, run-of-the-mill celeb obsession, nothing to be concerned about. Who doesn't think he's the hottest member of the True Blood cast?

But then I found out that Skarsgard was just presented with an honorary doctorate of the arts from Leeds University in the UK, 14 years after he was enrolled there as an English student. Swoon. I mean I always knew he was intelligent -- obviously -- but now ... I mean, look at him!  He even makes that Rainbow Brite-esque cap and gown ensemble adorable!


I'm so proud of him, aren't you? I also love how he freely admits that he only spent six months at the university, during which time he "had a blast" but didn't really hit the books. I was of a similar mindset at 20 years old (did I mention that Eric Alexander and I are the same exact age?). Consequently, I have a deep and profound understanding of how Skarsgard's youthful heart was torn between cultivating his intellect and following his passion. (This will make for great pillow talk, no?)

I was also intrigued to discover what the Sweden-born actor did right before he attended Leeds: He served 18 months in the Swedish military as part of a unit devoted to anti-terrorism and anti-sabotage in the Swedish archipelago. Is there ANYTHING this man CAN'T do???

Anyway, now I'm falling even harder for Skarsgard, and I'm pretty sure there's got to be something about this development that doesn't fall under the heading of "healthy/normal." Can a person truly have feelings for someone they've never met? I haven't asked myself this question since I was 12 and the "someone" was Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block.

Of course I'm exaggerating -- you didn't think I was that deluded, did you?

I mean, Jordan was way too old for me. I never seriously considered him as an option.

Do you think Alexander Skarsgard is now hotter than ever?


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