Shannen Doherty Will Be the Craziest Bridezilla on TV

shannen doherty kurt iswarienkoForget everything you know about bridal reality TV. You can throw TLC's Say Yes to the Dress out the window, along with Bethenny Getting Married. Because WEtv has a total game-changer up its sleeve ... The Shannen Doherty Project is going to blow our wedding-loving, trash reality TV show watching-MINDS. Yes, OMG, the bad girl who played Brenda Walsh is BACK. And for some reason, she thought it would be a fab idea to have cameras follow her around as she plans her third marriage, this time to celeb photographer Kurt Iswarienko.

The basics: WE says the unscripted show (rrrrrright) will begin production in August, air in eight hour-long episodes, and follow Shannen as she gears up for her wedding, experiences a "house tragedy" that has legal implications (Shannen? Legal issues? NEVER!), and makes some kind of acting career move (some kind of BH90210 reunion, pretty please?!).


The one thing they're not saying that is precisely the reason why we're totally making sure we have our DVRs primed for this one?

Shannen is destined to be the most insane bridezilla EVER!!

She's just a craaaaaazy -- but totally charismatic -- beeyotch. If you're not familiar with her past love record, it includes being engaged to a guy named Dean Factor, who obtained an order of protection against her after Shannen allegedly "pulled a gun on him and threatened ... to hire a few guys to beat" him and to "sodomize" him. WTF?! Then, she married Ashley Hamilton for five months, and later, married Rick Salomon (of One Night in Paris Hilton sex tape fame) for a whole NINE months. Granted that was eight years ago now, but I have a feeling the cameras will capture some nutty -- and AMAZING -- material from the drama-loving actress.

In fact, WE is saying they were sold on the idea for this show after seeing a pitch tape that showed Shannen "unfiltered, honest, and vulnerable.” We get to see the REAL Shannen? Wow, this is totally setting up to be my next guilty pleasure. Now just tell me Tori and/or Jennie show up so the claws come out -- and I will be sitting on my couch with my remote in hand waiting for this thing to air.

Will you watch the Shannen Doherty reality show?

Image via Tonya Wise/London Ent/Splash

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