Paris Hilton Walks Out of Interview When Anchor Hits Her Where It Hurts (VIDEO)

paris hiltonWhen was the last time you heard a good Paris Hilton story? Seems like ages ago, right? Well, you can stop throwing your pennies into that wishing well, 'cause I've got a doozy for you right here.

The socialite and reality star sat down with ABC News anchor Dan Harris for what she thought would be a typical "Oh, my God, you're so amazing" interview. What she didn't realize was that Harris apparently hates her with the fire of a thousand suns.

After giving a scathing commentary of her show, The World According to Paris (while showing clips of the show, Harris talks about how all Paris does is shop, and she treats her assistants like a "sub-species"), he asks her if she considers herself a washed-up has-been who's been surpassed by her friend, Kim Kardashian. Her answer? To walk out in the middle of the interview!


Now I'm not, nor have I ever been, a Paris Hilton fan. Even during her hey-day of The Simple Life (sorry, Paris, if you're reading this), I was much more partial to Nicole Richie. That said, yowch! That was harsh, Harris. But I guarantee plenty of people have been waiting for this moment.

There's something about Paris Hilton. I can't place my finger on it, but she seems so much more vapid, narcissistic, and, well, kind of bitchy than other people who are famous for being famous. Maybe it's her bright blonde hair. Maybe it's her penchant for pink. Or maybe it's that she cut in front of me once at a bar in Las Vegas. I don't know what it is exactly, but she seems like an easy target. Especially when there's video evidence of her actually being rude to her assistant. At least Kim Kardashian sits down with her sisters and jokes around. It seems like all Paris does is, well, exactly what Harris said.

Paris genuinely seemed hurt by Harris' comments, though, so for that I actually feel bad. You can tell by the look in her eyes that she does think her moment has passed -- and it's the sorest of subjects.

But here's the thing. Paris is rich. Uber rich. And not just because her last name is Hilton. Last time I checked she -- and she alone -- was worth over $45 million. She's got a perfume line, a shoe line, and she gets up to $100,000 for appearances. No, it's not Jessica Simpson money, but that's a lot of cash. Just sit back and enjoy, girl. Get outta the game. Enough of this reality show stuff.

But if you insist on continuing to put yourself in the spotlight, you might want to revamp your image a bit. Treating assistants like crap is so 2003.

Check out the video for yourself. Do you think Harris is out of line?

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