Fans Want Proof That Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Are Having Sex

bella edward breaking dawnSheesh, do Twi-hards have a bad case of baby fever or what? It would seem so from the questions they're submitting to MTV via Twitter before tomorrow evening's live stream of the Breaking Dawn cast's Comic-Con International takeover. It would also seem that to most fans, the film's "cast" includes a mere two people, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. (Hey, I get it ... I'm not judging, just sayin'.)

It's almost as if the entire Twilight fan base has turned into those prying in-laws who get on a couple's case the second they get married: "When are you gonna have a baby?" I guess it's understandable given the whole marriage/pregnancy/childbirth theme of Breaking Dawn, but way to put a couple on the spot, people! Not that it matters. Between Kristen's shy side and RPattz's mischievous sense of humor, I highly doubt anybody is going to get a straight answer out of these two. Just get a load of some of these q's ... and possible answers.



Q: when are u gonna start replacing kris b.control pill with tictac? #MTVSDCC

Robert Pattinson: Well, I, uh ... perhaps that's a better question for Kristen, right? (Kristen shoots him a look and shakes her head.) Well, in that case, then ... I suppose first thing tomorrow! In fact, I started switching them up weeks ago. Surprise! (Kristen hides her face in her hands.)


Q: did rob ever try on the baby bump kristen had to wear & which castmate has the picture? #MTVSDCC

Taylor Lautner: Yes, yes he did! (Excitedly takes out iPhone to show the photo.) See that, see how ridiculous he looks? Especially in this one, where he's wearing the bump and standing next to me and I have no shirt on? Yeah, Team Edward's looking like the losing team now, huh?


Q: Kristen in EW you said you can get pregnant tomorrow, are you pregnant? #MTVSDCC

Kristen Stewart: Um, what? Oh my god, no. No, you really want to talk about this? Um, I'm a virgin, okay? (Pause) Oh ... wait, sorry. I just automatically started doing that scene from Eclipse with Bella and Charlie. Never mind.


Q: now that you've experienced it on set, what kind of father do you think you'll be? #MTVSDCC

Robert Pattinson: Er, well, you know, my child in the film is immortal, so you know, I don't know what kind of a dad I'd be to a human baby. It'd be a bit more messy, wouldn't it, taking care of a human baby with the nappies and all of that? Maybe Kristen would be the one to do the dirty work? (Kristen hides face in hands.)

What would you ask the cast of Breaking Dawn at Comic-Con?


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