Justin Bieber Gives David Beckham a Deal on a Private Concert

justin bieber david beckhamIt must be nice to be rich and famous. Not just because you'd be rich and famous, but because you could use whatever talent you have that made you rich and famous as payment for the service or talent of another rich and famous person. Kind of like what Justin Bieber and the Beckhams are doing. It's celebrity bartering! I smell a new NBC show ...

Apparently the Bieb's records are often heard playing in Beckham manor. Victoria and David's sons, Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz, are major Be-liebers, so, being the radical dadical that he is, David asked Justin to perform a private concert for the family.

Justin said yes. But only under one condition. He wants soccer lessons from David in return. Seems reasonable.


I mean, how awesome is this -- for both parties? David and Posh get to be the ultimate parents to their children by bringing a the pop star to them, while Bieber gets to get footloose and fancy free with a really good soccer player. Rich people 1, rest of us 0. Although I will say, I think the Beckhams are getting the better end of the deal here. It's not like Justin is going to go pro after an hour of kicking around a ball with Beckham.

These rich folk are on to something here, though. I smell what they're steppin' in: Service bartering. I'd like to implement this system into my life. Though I'm not quite sure what I'd bring to the table.

Let's see ... ooh, I'm really good at watching TV. I'm serious, don't laugh! I challenge you to find someone who can stare blankly at a screen as well as I can. I can do it with walls, too. What else? Oh, I'm an excellent sleeper. So, if there are any masseuses out there, looking to watch someone sleep in exchange for a massage, I'm your girl. Though after re-reading that sentence, that sounds vaguely sexual. Scratch that. Wait, speaking of scratching -- I know! Dogs! I'm really good with dogs. I will walk and pet and play with your dog in exchange for something good. But it has to be really good. Because walking a dog is a lot more work than watching TV or sleeping. Unless you want to work out some sort of 3-for-1 deal. Let me know. You know where to find me.

What talent would you barter?


Images via jake.auzzie/CLF/Flickr

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