Jessica Biel in ‘Friends With Benefits’ Would’ve Been BAD

jessica bielYou've probably heard about the movie Friends With Benefits -- the publicity for that thing has been non-stop. Stars Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis seem to be everywhere these days blabbing about the movie, the sex scenes, and their dates to the Marine Balls. It was starting to get under my skin, but now I can officially let it go because, as it turns out, it could've been worse. Word on the street is that Jessica Biel auditioned to be in Friends With Benefits, but didn't get the part. And thank GOD because the only thing that's worse than a Justin and Mila interview is a Justin and Jessica interview.

Bullet = dodged.


While I do love Jessica Biel (so hot. want to touch the hiney. oops.), I just don't think she has the same amount of charisma, charm, or talent that Mila does. Mila's funny (to most people I hear, though I find her voice too grating and sense of humor to be underwhelming and totally reliant on a sidekick) and is better suited for a summer movie -- Jessica can stick to period dramas that open after Christmas.

The directors clearly went with Mila for good reason, but do you think Justin has anything to do with the decision? Like maybe he was all, "Listen, uh, guys, Will, I don't want to be the bad guy here, but, uh, if you cast my girlfriend, I'm fucking walking bro. Walking."

Even though they weren't cast together, I guess Jessica has the last laugh since she's back with Justin. Not sure why exactly it's the "last laugh," but I hear it's because girls would like to date JT. Is it for his head of hair that looks like pubes? For VIP access to MySpace headquarters? Anyway, Jessica may have lost out to Mila for Friends With Benefits, but when it comes to Justin, Jess is all Dating With Benefits, all the time.

Do you think Jessica would have been better in FWB than Mila?

Photo via Maggiejumps/Flickr

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