Elin Nordegren & Rachel Uchitel Need to Stop Sharing Men

elin nordegrenElin Nordegren just can't seem to get away from Rachel Uchitel no matter how hard she tries. But maybe she's not trying. Creepy? Yes. Possible? Why not! Confused? Okay.

So, here's the wacky web that's been woven: Elin is currently dating this dude, Jamie Dingman (Jamie = son of a billionaire). But before Elin got her beautiful IKEA-loving ass on him, Jamie was actually dating Rachel. They even lived together! And that's not the craziest part of this whole mess. Tiger Woods was actually involved in their relationship, too! Intrigued? You bet!


When Rachel and Tiger started doing their dirty deed, Rachel was actually still with Jamie. I don't know what kind of sick set-up these two had going, but apparently after learning of his girlfriend's involvement with the golfer, Jamie decided to bow out, even joking, "That's okay. I'll date his wife, Elin." What!

So, now here's Elin, being wined and dined by Rachel's ex just like he wanted. Is she doing it to get back at Rachel? Is she plotting some weird, twisted vendetta? Doubt it. Elin seems too classy for that crap. Plus, it doesn't look like Rachel "feels" all that much anyway, being that she, you know, has "crazy Ambien sex" with married dudes. So, trying to emotionally hurt her is kind of moot.

So, then is it just a coincidence? I mean, it is weird, but if you think about it, Florida is only so big, and there can only be so many billionaire sons living there. I guess if you do the math, Elin was bound to hook up with Jamie at some point or another. She's an insanely rich and beautiful woman. Who do you want her to date?

Whatever her reason, even if sheer, blind attraction, I kind of wish Elin would get out while she can, though. Jamie seems like a shady dude. A) He dated Rachel Uchitel, and B) he was cool with her hooking up with Tiger during that time. Something's off with that guy. And if there's one thing Elin doesn't need, it's another heartbreak.

Do you think Elin should get out while she can?


Image via Tim Farris Photographer/Flickr


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