Rebecca Black's 'My Moment' Should Be Her Last (VIDEO)

Rebecca BlackIf only Rebecca Black had quit while she was ahead ... or at least taken time to learn to sing before she headed back to the recording studio. Instead the 14-year-old whose tune "Friday" became a huge viral hit -- primarily because it was so bad -- today released the video for her new song "My Moment", which is even worse, but not in a good way.

A few hours ago she tweeted news that it had leaked early. "shhh...don't tell! but my video is up on my channel: check it out NOW!!! Of course, everyone told everyone, and people flocked to see how she'd follow up the whole "Friday" craze. Unfortunately, reaction hasn't been all that positive. As of last count, more than 30,000 people had indicated they disliked her video on YouTube.


There are also 18,000 who gave it a thumbs up, so there's that, plus she pretty much built her name on the fact that people disliked her. But she really needed to ride that a little longer. She did such a great job in Katy Perry's video for "Last Friday Night," and I'm sure she could have found more gigs like that while she learned how to at least sing a little. It's not like we were going to forget her anytime soon.

Instead of waiting and wowing the worldwide audience she had anticipating her next move, she had to rush in and record this song and video. Check it out for yourself. 

It isn't even catchy. It's just bad, but not bad enough to be good, and too boring for anyone to even bother mocking or making a parody of like everyone did with "Friday." Instead she takes the opportunity to address her haters with lyrics like:

Weren’t you the one who said that I would be nothing?/Well, I’m about to prove you wrong.

Haters, said I’ll see you later / Can’t talk to you right now / I’m getting my payback / Said I’m doing big things, things you never dreamed of / I hope you are happy / ‘Cause I’m about to blow up.

I think blow away to the land of one-hit wonders is more likely.

I was rooting for Black, hoping she'd show all her tormentors that she really did have talent deep down in there somewhere and rub her success in their faces one day. Unfortunately, it seems "My Moment" likely will and probably should be her last.

What do you think of Rebecca Black new song and video "My Moment"?

Image via YouTube

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