Hope Solo Belongs on 'Dancing With the Stars'

Hope SoloTeam USA's loss in the gold medal game of the World Cup was a heartbreaker for, well, everybody in America. But goalie Hope Solo may have given us a way to wrest victory from the jaws -- or is hands for a goalie? -- of defeat. Dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy is already bidding to have those fast hands in his on the next season of Dancing With the Stars.


Said the sexy dancer:

Hope Solo! Let’s do it! I want somebody hot, I want somebody exciting, somebody passionate, and I’ll do the rest.

Say it with me now, fans ... here's hoping (OK, I know, it's punny, but it WORKS)! There's no mistaking that Solo would make a great partner for Maks, who bid Kirstie Alley adieu at the end of last season:

She's Got the Training: Workouts leading up to the first show of DWTS are intense. Celebrities get hurt all the time because they're not up to the task. But Solo is a gold medal winning Olympic athlete. Training is just another part of her day, and she LOVES doing it. Let's not forget how well that athletic edge worked for Hines Ward last season.

She's Got the Moves: Being a goalie requires insane amounts of flexibility. She has to be able to dive, to throw herself up in the air and streeeeetch to grab a ball, to go left, then right, then left again. Kind of reminds you of dancing, doesn't it?

She's Got a Great Attitude: The infighting among some DWTS contestants (cough, Bristol, cough, Margaret Cho, cough, cough) can really take away from the beauty of watching those bodies in motion. But Solo's tweets following Team USA's loss to Japan prove she's got the perfect attitude for a competitive show. Said Solo, "Both teams playing a beautiful game with possession and attack as the focus. Its the way a final should be played. Glad you all enjoyed." That's how I want to leave an episode of DWTS, how about you?

She's Got a Lot to Teach Our Young Girls: Between her "real" body that defines a pure beauty that moms are comfortable to see their little girls striving for and a rags-to-riches back story (often homeless dad, divorced parents, hard work all the way to the World Cup), Solo is the kind of star that reminds us why parents let their kids watch DWTS.

What do you think about seeing Hope on Dancing With the Stars next season?


Image via JMRosenfeld/Flickr

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