Justin Bieber Crashes Wedding & Ruins Bride's Night (VIDEO)

justin bieber weddingJustin Bieber just added a new profession to his resume: wedding crasher. Who woulda thunk, right? The Biebs channeled his inner Owen Wilson over the weekend when he decided to crash a wedding in Malibu. After enjoying a dinner with girlfriend Selena Gomez, the duo was passing by Rob and Jeanine McCool's wedding reception when they heard Justin's song "One Less Lonely Girl" playing. The natural celeb reaction? Go in, crash the wedding, and say, "We heard a party so we decided to just come. So let's party!" over the microphone. Coolest. Surprise. Ever. After watching the whole thing go down on YouTube, I can't help but love Justin Bieber a little bit more for adding something special to the couple's big day.

The beautiful bride, on the other hand, seems rather disinterested. A few quick photos with Justin as a souvenir and she's out of there. Watch for yourself:


See what I mean? The groom couldn't be happier. There he is, shaking hands and loving alllll over Justin. But she seems distant, and it makes me wonder: How would I feel if Justin Bieber showed up at my wedding?

First off, just to throw it out there, I am not a Belieber, as the kiddos are calling themselves these days. However, I like JB because he really appreciates his fans, where he comes from, and his momma. Think about it: What other celeb just pit stops into a wedding, says hello, snaps some photos, and leaves without wanting anything in return? None that I could think of. Thus, with that said, I think I'd love it if Justin Bieber showed up, unplanned, at my wedding.

I understand the whole "This is MY day mentality," but let's examine the facts. The gossip gurus said that Biebs and Selena were only in the house for 10 minutes or so. A total of 10 minutes out of the entire night? Not too bad for a random celebrity interjection of epic proportions, if you ask me.

Also -- if there is one day that I want to look my absolute best, my wedding day will be it. I will be wearing the dress of my dreams, my hair will be absolutely perfect despite whatever weather comes my way, and my makeup will be flawless. So if Justin (or any other handsome celebrity) decides to roll through, and pictures wind up absolutely everywhere -- then at least I won't hate how I look. So much better than those other random, unexpected celebrity sightings, right?

And lastly, I'm thinking long term here. Obviously Bieber will require a thank-you note for gracing us with his presence. You know what that means? His publicist will just have to give us his personal address, and from here on out, we'll be able to send him Christmukkah cards every year. Soon enough, he'll grow to love our family, and one day when there's a bun in the oven, we could ask him to be our baby's godparent. From random wedding guest to part of the family. Cha. Ching.

So for the record J. Biebs, feel free to stop by my wedding! Of course, I just need to work on solidifying a ring on my finger, picking a venue, finding my dream dress, and booking a band first. 

What do you think of Justin's surprise pit stop at Rob and Jeanine's wedding?

Image via YouTube

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