Betty White's 'Perfection' Earns Her a Gallant Marine Ball Invite (VIDEO)

Ray Lewis
U.S. Marine Sgt. Ray Lewis woos Betty White
Comedienne Betty White is such an amazing woman that she brings out the gentleman callers -- even at age 89 and in this modern "chivalry is dead" era! One U.S. Marine named Sgt. Ray Lewis busted out a red rose, his debonair military uniform, and some super-suave sweet talk in order to offer Ms. White a very respectable YouTube invitation to the Marine Corps Ball.

Dang, Betty White. How can the rest of us compete in a world where you've set the bar for real womanhood? You're a lady force to be reckoned with, girlfriend.


So Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis aren't the only celebrities invited to enjoy some good old-fashioned patriotic fun at the Marine Corps Ball. I wonder if Betty White will accept Sgt. Lewis's invitation. How fun would that be? He's a rapper, too, and planning on performing at the Ball. I bet Betty could totally hold her own in a rapping contest, right by his side.

And Lewis really seems to be inviting White for all the right reasons -- for all the reasons every woman in America wants to be courted. Lewis says, "She's funny, she's sweet, she's mature, she's the all-around perfect woman ... I think we could laugh together ... " Bring on the romance! Love it.

WATCH Sgt. Ray Lewis sweet talk Betty White with his lovely invitation:

Wow, he really knows how to woo a gal, don't he? Who says chivalry is dead?

Do you think Betty White should go to the Marine Corps Ball?


Image via YouTube

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