J.Lo & Marc Anthony Split Leaves Dueling Clothing Lines

jennifer lopez and marc anthonyYou may be mourning the break-up of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, but at least you don't have to mourn the break-up of their Kohl's clothing lines. 'Cause they're still happening. And they were never really together, anyway. Let me explain.

Last November Kohl's announced that J.Lo and Marc were both going to be designing lines for them. In fact, the deal was touted as "the first celebrity couple to simultaneously design collections for one retailer." In other words, Jennifer was going to be designing stuff for the ladies, while Marc was going to be designing stuff for the dudes (which dudes still remain a mystery). Yes, the lines were technically separate, but their being announced simultaneously -- and joint marketing -- made them a package deal.

And that package deal is about to get as messy as their impending divorce.


Before I dissect what this means for their respective clothing lines, a word about anything beauty- or style-related associated with a celebrity couple: I'm against it. Call me an anti-romantic, but nothing says cheesy to me like a perfume ad with a famous half-naked couple embracing. (Yes, I'm looking at you, Khloe and Lamar.) But that's just me.

But for people unlike me, people whose warm hearts get all aflutter at the prospect of purchasing something that was designed with love, I feel for you, guys. For this is an ugly peek behind the curtain.

For one, the fact that it's still full speed ahead on their Kohl's lines flat out tells us that the sheer purpose of this is money. Of course, we already knew that, but to have it spelled out like this is a little disenchanting. Crass, even. Second, since their lines are separate yet together, it's like we're smack dab in the middle of their break-up every time we go to Kohl's. I don't need to see that! I've got my own problems.

But the biggest bummer of all, the thing that would disappoint me the most if I were a patron of celebrity couple brands, is the fact that clearly these garments weren't made with love. The deal was announced in November. That's only eight months ago. Things obviously weren't going well for them then. You don't just decide to get divorced after a few months of rocky terrain. Hey, maybe that's why they signed separate contracts!

If I had to pick a side, I'd obviously go with my girl J.Lo. Marc Anthony seems like a nice guy and all, but I seriously doubt he'll have anything in his collection that could rival the killer jumpsuit that's sure to be J.Lo's.

Whose (clothing) side are you on?


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