'True Blood' Recap: Eric and Sookie Are So Together! (Almost!)

Eric and SookieI thought we'd seen every side of Eric possible -- his sexy Viking side, his vengeful vampire side, his backside ... and, most recently of course, his lost little boy side. But tonight's True Blood (Episode 40: "I'm Alive and on Fire") revealed what might just end up being my favorite side of Mr. Northman yet: The giddily inebriated mischievous Eric. Boyfriend was drunk!!! And Sookie liked it. Mmm-hmm.

So apparently vamps get plastered when they completely drain a fairy (Claudine). But much like a pouty frat boy faced with an empty bottle of Jager, Eric still wanted more. Sookie's best line of the night? "There is no more! You drank the whole fairy!" And it turns out Eric is just the cuuuuuutest drunk you ever did see!!! I mean, when he pinched Sookie's butt ... why she didn't just drag him inside for wasted vampire sex I'll never understand.


Then, when he arose from that swamp-pond thing, glistening in the sunshine and calling on crocodiles for a game of Marco Polo ... Alcide who?? Clearly Eric has very nearly charmed the pants right off Sookie, between his adorably hammered antics and, later on, his very human sadness over being condemned to the dark ("I'll never see the sunlight in your hair again." Awww.).

She was so ready, so incredibly, finally ready to kiss Eric when Bill showed up at the door. ARGH! Go away, great-great-great-great-grandaddy!!! (Um, ewww, by the way! Except how psyched are you that Mona from Who's the Boss is on True Blood? She's the perfect Bon Temps grand dame.) Still, much as I hated to see Sookie and Eric interrupted, Bill's visit served one purpose: When Sookie lied to Bill's face to protect Eric, she officially switched teams. The line has been drawn!

I have to admit I'm almost afraid to see what's going to happen when Eric regains his memory ... I hope to god Sookie doesn't go into virtuosity overdrive again once Eric's back to badass. Oh well, it at least doesn't look like the witches are going to figure that one out anytime soon ... except, ick! I do hope they fix Pam's face, ASAP. That burned-at-the-stake bitch spirit possessing Marnie needs to learn not to mess with such an exquisite corpse.

Do you think Sookie is now officially on Team Eric?


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