5 Plastic Surgery Nightmares (PHOTOS)

meg ryanCelebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox should be the poster girls for good plastic surgery. With little nips here and tiny injections there, they manage to look damn good without ever looking "done." We look at them and think, "Gosh, they look so well-rested. Did they just get back from vacay?" or "How does their skin look so damn supple?"

But then there are the Hollywood ladies who seem to live by the "more is better" philosophy. No tiny injections for them. It's full speed ahead when they're at the doctor's office. They just can't get enough of the stuff -- and unfortunately for them, neither can we! Here are 5 plastic surgery nightmares.

Meg Ryan. She used to be the quintessential adorable girl-next-door. Now she's the quintessential girl-who-had-way-too-much-plastic-surgery-next-door. Oh, Meg, why'd you do it? We loved you just the way you were!


heidi montag

Heidi Montag. She may actually be in her 20s, but she looks more like a 40-year-old trying to look 20. Not a good look, Heidi. And a terrible message to young girls.

lil kim

Lil' Kim. Is that Lil' Kim? Or is it La Toya Jackson? Or is it a drag queen dressed up as Snooki? Whoever it is, they need to ease up on the plastic surgery -- and cut that "hair."

janice dickinson

Janice Dickinson. Ah, Janice. The queen of plastic surgery herself. She once blew people's minds with her out-of-control beauty. Now she just blows people's minds with her out-of-control surgery addiction.

mama elsa

Elsa Patton, aka "Mama Elsa." She burst onto the scene later in life, so unless you know her personally, there's really no telling what she looked like before all this surgery (probably not like this). But we're not just grateful for Mama E. because she's a walking plastic surgery deterrent, we're grateful for her because we don't know how the hell we would have made it through The Real Housewives of Miami without her!

Who have we left out?


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