New Miss Teen USA Crowned And the 'Such As' (VIDEOS)

miss teen usaOn Saturday night, our Miss Teen USA 2011 was crowned in front of an underwhelming crowd at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. Danielle Doty, 18, from Texas was the winner. She beat out girls aged 14-19 who all competed for the tiara and the chance to live in NYC for a year, study at the film academy, and volunteer for a plethora of charities. You may have missed the contest this year, or not even known it was happening, because since 2007, the broadcast of Miss Teen USA has been relegated to online only -- no TV time for these teen pageanters.

I mean after Miss Teen South Carolina embarrassed herself and the pageant with her "such as" response during the 2007 pageant, who can blame the execs for taking this fiasco off the air.


You remember that, right? In case you forgot, the video from the 2007 pageant is below.

With pageants like Miss Teen USA becoming less and less popular, are they heading down the path toward extinction? I would like to hope so. Ratings have suffered for all pageants including Miss USA and Miss Universe, so I think it might be time to pull the plug.

I'm just not sure what pageants achieve. In the best case scenario, we only hear about the winner the day after she's crowned ... worst case scenario we hear about her all year as she stumbles her way around sex scandals, gay-marriage gaffes, and an overall issue with being poorly informed.

Without the Miss Teen USA pageant or the Miss USA one, I think the trickle down effect would result in fewer toddlers in tiaras. The waxing, the over-sexualizing of very young girls, the focus on outer-beauty ... it cannot be good for these girls forced into competing for trophy twice their size by their overweight mother who cheers them on from her folding chair in the church-basement-turned-pageant-space.

It wouldn't be immediate, but eventually the toddler pageants would die out after the adult ones did. If the ultimate goal of American pageant fame is unreachable without a Miss USA, what would the toddler's moms have to look forward to?

What's your take on the pageant circuit?

WATCH Danielle Doty be crowned Miss Teen USA 2011:

WATCH Miss South Carolina "answer" a question during the Miss Teen USA pageant 2007:

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