Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Split Caused By Baby Drama

jennifer lopez & marc anthonyI was on my friend's couch eating a bowl of lemon pasta when I heard the news. Where were you when you found out that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony split? I personally was surprised by the revelation -- I thought they were so loving on American Idol this season. J. Lo danced, Marc sang and we were all jealous of their talent and their sexiness. Apparently though, all the hotness and talent in the world does not necessarily a happy marriage make.

In trying to dissect what the heck happened to Jen and Marc, I racked my brain for all the J. Lo data I had inadvertently accumulated due to my American Idol obsession and suddenly remembered this gem which, I think, probably caused their pending divorce.


Jennifer told In Touch Weekly back in January that having kids brought she and Marc together. While that's completely normal, it sounds like 2-year-old twins Max and Emme were intended to save J. Lo and Marc's relationship, rather than complete it. Here's what she said:

My kids make Marc and I stronger than we have ever been. But there have been tough times where I did not know what the end looked like. Having kids made us both see that there's a bigger picture. Yes, we still fight - but at the end of the day we know we have these amazing children who need us. So we promised not to go to bed angry.

I don't know, it kind of sounds like they were on a rocky road, that the kids breathed new life into their relationship, and now that that new-kid smell has worn off, and "real life" has begun, they decided they'd be better people separately than together.

J. Lo went on in the interview to say that she'd like to have a thousand more babies -- she loves being a mom and looks forward to having a third. Maybe the 41-year-old star wanted another baby, but Marc didn't. Maybe that combined with their cracked foundation led them to do the reverse walk down the aisle, and get a divorce.

Of course we'll never know the real cause of the split (until J. Lo decides she wants to sit down with Barbara Walters and tell all ... oh please please please let that happen) but I think that the kids were the glue, the glue wore off, and when trying to make more glue (a third child) J. Lo and Marc realized what they were doing was not going to save their marriage, and decided to move on.

What do you think caused Marc and J. Lo's split?

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