Kris Jenner's Face Reveals That Kim Is Her Favorite

kris jennerBy now you've heard the dear-God-say-it-isn't-so rumor that Kris Jenner went under the knife for daughter Kim Kardashian's wedding. But have you had taken time out of your busy schedule to really think about what this means for the Kardashian clan and the world at large? You haven't? Then it's a good thing I have.

Let's discuss.


I think we can all agree that this act of vanity is easily summed up in a single word: Gross. Botox and fillers are one thing, but facelifts are just down-right icky (See Bruce Jenner). But beyond the aesthetic effects of Kris's facelift lie emotional ones.

The way I see it, Kris's decision to go under the knife for Kim's wedding -- and not Khloe's -- proves that she more or less likes Kim best. Or, at least, that Kim and her wedding are more important. It's not usual for mothers of the bride to diet or grow their hair out before their daughters or sons gets married, but making the expensive, time-consuming decision to get plastic surgery for one child -- and not the other -- is a whole 'nother ball game.

Sure, Kim's wedding is going to be highly publicized. But so was Khloe's. And it's not like years have gone by in between the two (what is it, two? not even?). And it's not like Kris needs a facelift! Like her or not, the woman looks pretty good.

If my mother were to make the decision to get major plastic surgery for my sister's wedding and not mine, first, I would think she was insane, but then I would be kind of hurt. Why am I not plastic surgery-worthy and she is?

Apparently Khloe's got much thicker skin than I do, though, because she recently told the NY Daily News that Kris "looks amazing."

You're a good sibling, Khloe, and an even better daughter.

What do you think of Kris getting a facelift for Kim's wedding?


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