'Mad Men' Star's Karaoke Debut Is Scary (VIDEO)

Actress Alison Brie was out with her friend Emily Blunt and her husband John Krasinski in Ann Arbor, Michigan in June when she decided to go out to a club to karaoke. She sang "Total Eclipse of the Heart," something I know because it was posted on YouTube

Brie, the star of the show Community, was also on Mad Men and is filming a movie with Blunt. Krasinski also had a video posted of his karaoke debut. Of course, Brie is no stranger to overexposure. She has a new pin-up shoot for GQ magazine, which is very hot. But even still, it is a little creepy that celebs have such little privacy that they can't even go out in public in the Midwest without getting stalked. 

Have camera phones turned everyone into Big Brother paparazzo? See below:


The fact is, they probably don't care. They were having fun and goofing around and probably were fine with the idea of being put on YouTube. But what about when they are not?

The larger implications are what weirds me out and should weird them out if they think about it. That means that any time they go anywhere (even a public restroom), they have to be aware they may be recorded. It used to be fairly obvious who the paparazzo was with his big camera and flash bulbs and long lens. Now, it is not.

I am all for using camera phones, but I also think time and place. Brie and her friends were just trying to have some fun. They were not trying to get 750,000 YouTube hits, but by the time the clip has cycled, it probably will.

Don't celebs have the right to have some quasi-privacy, too?

Image via YouTube

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