Carmageddon Is Here: Can Kim Kardashian Save Us?

Highway 405 carmageddonLooks like Kate and Wills got out of Los Angeles just in time! The LAPD is warning that this weekend could turn into serious Carmageddon if drivers don't heed their warnings to stay off the 405 during its partial 53-hour closure. I guess they're worried because every single day, about 500,000 vehicles head through that stretch of highway. In others words, the 405 is not pretty on a good day in LA.

Of course, who really cares what the LAPD says, right? What do they know? They don't have anywhere they have to be. They don't have places to go and people to see. They don't need to see or be seen. What we really need to know to prepare is what would Kim Kardashian do? She's our go-to gal for all things critical -- from the Casey Anthony trial to the right nail color and public breastfeeding (maybe scratch that last one). So really, that's all we really need to know. What does Kim Kardashian suggest we should do about the 405 closure?


Well folks, here it is. Here is the almighty word of Kim Kardashian (so what if it took her three times to get it right):

Kim Kardashian 405 tweet

Kim Kardashian says "stay away" and so we should.

Still not convinced?

Well, Tom Hanks uses many exclamation points to get his warning message across, "Avoid Carmageddon, Gas-zilla, 405-enstein, Grid-lock-apalooza! STAY HOME. Eat & shop local!" He's not kidding around. Ashton Kutcher, on the other hand, is only helping out the LAPD in order to get a sign-off on his traffic violation, so he's not to be trusted. William Shatner, well, he just couldn't wait to toss a plug for his new documentary The Captains (I guess it worked) into his tweet about the 405 closure. And as far as we can tell, David Spade is just using Carmageddon as an excuse to run some new material by us. Hahaha, it's funny, David, really funny. However, even sexy '70s star Erik Estrada (RIP, CHiPs!) has reared his still-very-full head of hair to say in Spanish AND English that we should stay off the 405.

So I guess that answers any questions we might have about Carmageddon and the 405 closures. Except one. What would Robert Pattinson do?

Are you going to be in or around Los Angeles this weekend?


Image via VirtualErn/Flickr

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