'Boardwalk Empire' Deserves Every Emmy, But These Especially

steve buscmemi michael pittI'm not surprised Boardwalk Empire just got 19 Emmy nominations, not at all -- it is, beyond the shadow of a doubt, the best drama series since The Sopranos. (More on why this is true in a minute.) I try not to get too emotionally invested in award shows, but I'm afraid this time I won't be able to help it -- mostly because I'm incredibly emotionally invested in the series itself. How could anyone not be?!

If it were up to me, Boardwalk Empire would win every single nomination -- I want to see hundreds of Emmys all put together to make a giant statue of Steve Buscemi! However, to save myself from crushing disappointment, I've narrowed the list down.


Here are the Emmys I absolutely insist be won by my most beloved of programs, or I'll ... I'll ... jump up and down on my couch and scream, "Boardwalk Empire got robbed!" (Which won't really do anything apart from irritate whoever else is sitting on the couch, but it'll make me feel better.)

Lead Actor in a Drama

STEVE BUSCEMI! Buscemi was born to play the role of Enoch "Nucky" Thompson. In the hands of any other actor, this character could easily come across as too cold, too brutalizing to care about. But Buscemi's eyes alone convey so much soul, anguish, heartache, and -- this is the most painful bit -- occasional glimpses of hope (after everything, he still hopes! He loves! Look at him staring at those poor premature babies!) that I could pretty much watch Nucky knock anybody off and still welcome him back with open arms. OH HOW I LOVE HIM. And the fact that I am recommending Hugh Laurie (nominated for House) lose to anyone is monu-effing-mental.

Supporting Actress in a Drama

Kelly Macdonald. Has there ever been a more sympathetic character than Margaret Schroeder? Beat up, beat down, still a spitfire of an Irish lass if ever there was one. Still, it's Macdonald's understated handling of Schroeder's arc (a considerable one, too) that makes her so endearing. The scene when she finally lets Lucy (Paz de la Huerta) have it -- oh man! BEST SCENE EVER.

Outstanding Art Direction for a Single Camera Series

Bob Shaw, Douglas Huszti, and Deborah Schutt. So much of Boardwalk Empire's tragic-yet-beautiful mood is set by its exquisite overall look. Beyond being visually stunning, the sets are also historically accurate -- the research and attention to detail here boggle the mind. I would also throw the Outstanding Costumes category in here.

Outstanding Direction for a Drama Series

Oh, hmm, I don't know ... best director ... and Martin Scorsese is one of the choices? Uh yeah. Done.

Drama Series

For all of the above reasons and more.

Also, I have to mention it's a crying shame nobody from Boardwalk Empire got a nod for Supporting Actor in a Drama, because somebody should have, and that somebody is Michael Pitt for his role as Jimmy Darmody. Another one with too much heart for his own good. (And so cute!)

Which Emmys do you think Boardwalk Empire should win?


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