Chris Colfer & Lea Michele Surprise Is Good News for 'Glee' Fans

glee lea michele chris colferBreaking news for Gleeks this morning! Speaking exclusively with The Hollywood Reporter, Glee creator Ryan Murphy revealed that Chris Colfer, Lea Michele, and Cory Monteith won't be returning -- at ALL -- to the series after this upcoming third season. Their characters Kurt, Rachel, and Finn will be among the characters who graduate next spring, and the beginning of season 4 will feature new incoming sophomores (from The Glee Project on Oxygen).

Although I admit it'll be heartbreaking to say goodbye to our beloved Kurt and "Finchel" (a TV couple almost as near and dear to me as Joey and Pacey or Brenda and Dylan), it's going to be OKAY, guys! In fact, I have a feeling we Gleeks are better off thanks to these actors' departure from the show!


For one, because hey, you know following their characters to college would be nothing short of painful. What -- would Coach Sylvester go out of her way to torture Rachel Berry via Facebook or Twitter, while she pursues her studies at NYU? Don't we want Rachel and Kurt to live out their dreams in the Big Apple? Of course we do, but the show can't go on there! It's about a high school glee club! In short, trying to follow our favorite Lima Losers into their college years won't work. It didn't work with Saved by the Bell (that attempt got canceled HOW fast?!), and on other high school shows like Beverly Hills, 90210, it became super-contrived and cringe-worthy very quickly. 

What's more, though, having to say goodbye to Chris, Lea, and Cory on Glee will be a major win for us as fans of comedy and musical entertainment as a whole. Think about it ... the possibilities for these actors are endless now ... 

Lea Michele is bound to become our generation's Bette Midler or Barbra (cue Duck Sauce tune). She needs to spread her wings and fly, so she can put out albums, star in films, and get back to her roots on Broadway! Cory Monteith, who already stars in the Selena Gomez flick Monte Carlo, will be the perfect heartthrob in a bevy of romantic comedy and musical film or TV roles. (I kind of see him on an HBO or Showtime type show, if he does TV again. Maybe as a love interest in the upcoming HBO younger Sex and the City-ish show, Girls.) And Chris Colfer is probably the next Ryan Seacrest, Nathan Lane, or Stanley Tucci!

But no matter what these actors choose to do post-Glee, I have a feeling their next steps will be a starry-studded, red carpets galore win-win for us all.

Are you okay with saying goodbye to Chris, Lea, and Cory?


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