Khloe Kardashian Is Throwing a Dirty Bachelorette Party & You Can Help

Khloe and Kim KardashianAs Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries continue to plan their wedding, little sister Khloe Kardashian is doing some planning of her own for Kim's bachelorette party. Knowing her sister is a little squeamish when it comes to penises in public, she's planning penises galore, of course. In fact, her party's theme is basically anything that will embarrass Kim.

"I want to do it as bad as possible because she's so uncomfortable by it, and it's funny," she told People. Besides, she says it's revenge for her own over-the-top party, which she said was "very embarrassing." It's hard to imagine much that would embarrass Khloe. Those sisters joke and talk about everything -- hello, they watch each other get bikini waxes. So you know that if she's out to top something that made even her blush, it's going to be good stuff.


Khloe told the magazine:

My bachelorette party was very embarrassing [with] ... penis straws [and] everything penis-themed. Kim is very uncomfortable with all that stuff, so I'm going to go all out and embarrass her, because it's just fun.

You'd think Kim would have a thicker skin after that sex tape and all, but regardless, it sounds like a blast. I wonder what a girl has to do to get invited? I make a mean "suck for a buck" t-shirt and am quite confident I could bake up this penis cake. But this is the Kardashians we're talking about, and it's going to take more than that I think. She's going to need some pretty outrageous stuff if she's going to do a Kardashian-worthy embarrassing act.

Why don't we all help Khloe out here. We'll put together a list of the raunchiest, most outrageous bachelorette party props, games, and paraphernalia and send it to her. While it may not land us an invite, we will know we contributed and will be there in spirit. So let's hear it ladies, what does Khloe need to do to give Kim the most embarrassing bachelorette party ever?

What are the most embarrassing things you've seen at a bachelorette party?

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