Jake Gyllenhaal Eats Worm & Ruins His Pretty Mouth (VIDEO)

jake gyllenhaal bear gryllsI never thought this day would come, but I can now officially say that I no longer want to make out with Jake Gyllenhaal. Not after his appearance on Man vs. Wild. Unless maybe he rinsed his mouth out with some very high-octane mouthwash.

See, on last night's season premiere, Jake accompanied host Bear Grylls on a trek through the frozen tundra of Iceland. It was all very butch and hot (well, cold but hot) until Grylls decided to look for food ... and he made poor Jake eat a worm. Ladies, think long and hard before you watch this clip, as Jake chewing on a live worm is not an image you'll soon forget.


To be fair, though, Jake did take it like a man, don't you think?

Still, gross, gross, gross. And are you really going to tell me none of the camera guys had a Clif bar stashed in his pocket or anything?

Would you kiss Jake Gyllenhaal after he ate a worm?


Image via YouTube

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