'Teen Mom' Recap: Farrah Abraham Changed More Than Her Breasts This Season

So far, the third season of Teen Mom is bringing hope where there had seemed to be so little. It really is such a welcome change that I'm not even going to ask how it happened. On the second episode of Season 3, it seems Farrah Abraham has spent the time between last season and now becoming a good mom.

Of course, she isn't the only one who has made changes. Maci is back together with Kyle and working hard at making her new family work. In the past few months since we saw her, she really seems to have become empowered and her relationship with Ryan has dramatically changed for the better.

Judging from their early interactions, it was hard to imagine they might ever get along and Ryan would actually be (gasp!) a pretty involved dad. But it's Farrah who has made the biggest transition.


Last week, it seemed her boobs were all anyone wanted to talk about. Yes, it may have seemed frivolous to get a breast augmentation when you barely have enough money to live, but she did say it was to get more modeling jobs, which pay better.

But even if it wasn't, so what? Farrah is a young, single mom raising her daughter Sophia completely on her own with only her mother to help her. Doesn't she deserve to feel good about herself? I am not defending implants, since I generally think they're silly and pointless, but I don't judge Farrah for getting them. And anyone who is being honest has to admit she looked a lot better in her tank top when the falsies were in her bra.

The fact is, Farrah has made a major change. During this episode, she went on a modeling assignment in Denver and missed her daughter the whole time. She mentioned her daughter over and over to everyone who would listen. She generally seemed more comfortable with her role as mom, acting less like a petulant teenager and more like a mature mom.

Sure, there are still moments where I cringe. The way she talks to her mom is awful. But generally speaking, she has matured by leaps and bounds and really seems to have it more together.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like Amber and Gary and Caitlynn and Tyler have made the same changes. Though Caitlynn and Tyler moved in together, they don't seem to be faring much better than the parents who kept their babies in terms of graduating on time and making wise life choices. Was moving in together right now wise? Only time will tell, but Tyler's mom was right about him trying to rush through childhood. And for what? They gave their baby up so they wouldn't have to!

Meanwhile, Amber and Gary are the same old mess they've always been. It's sickening to watch and I find myself reaching for the mute button when she curses in front of poor Baby Leah. She needs to make a Farrah-level change and fast.

Do you think some of the moms have changed?

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