Suri Cruise Has So Much Already, Where Can She Go?

I'm going to start this by saying that I'm not particularly proud of myself for writing an entertainment article about a 5-year-old. That said, I'm now going to go ahead and confess that everything I read about Suri Cruise makes me think she would greatly benefit from being whisked up and dropped into, say, the pioneer lifestyle of Laura Ingalls for a few psyche-stabilizing years.

Of course, I often think this exact thing about my own children, who have been frog-marched out of a Target more than once for epic amounts of "But I Neeeeeeeeeed It" whining. (You need food and water, kid, not the latest Star Wars LEGO set.) The difference is, my kids already know that life can be colossally unfair (see also: LEGOS, refusal to buy; moms, Brothers-Grimm-level meanness thereof), and I kind of doubt Suri Cruise is going to have the same revelation any time soon.


I mean, this kid is living the most luxurious A-lister lifestyle possible, complete with the total absence of responsibilities that comes with childhood. How can she have a shot at experiencing anything other than total disappointment when she grows up? Especially if she doesn't fulfill her mother's weirdly celebrity-centric ambitions?

See, Katie Holmes recently shared it's practically a given that Suri will be following in her parents' famous footsteps:

I think she’s going to do a lot of different things. She’s an amazing athlete, singer, and dancer, and I think she’ll probably be an actress.

So supportive! But also kind of reminds me how new parents simper over how their babies can fiercely pinch-grip a teddy bear and use that observation to predict their wildly successful future career as a world-famous concert pianist. I'm just saying, the girl is 5. Really, an actress?

I'm sure she's too little to really get how incredibly unusual and privileged her lifestyle is, but time flies—soon enough she, like my own 5-year-old, will really be coming into her own as a person, and I wonder how it will affect her to have had so much at such a young age. How does it influence your dreams when your famous actress mom tells you that you will be an amazing actress, just like her? When you're born into the celebrity lifestyle, where do you have to go, exactly?

I'd like to say she'll be able to figure this all out in her own time and her own way, but as long as her family is living in the limelight, the cameras will always be there. Some asshole will be writing about her. (Hi!) Do you think this will make her less likely to embrace superstardom as she grows up—or just the opposite?


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