Rebecca Black Is Too Close for Comfort to Justin Bieber

Rebecca BlackPaging Justin Bieber! Rebecca Black is getting uncomfortably close to moving in on your territory. The teen who hit it big or flopped big time on YouTube earlier this year -- depending on whether you're counting iTunes downloads or video "dislikes" -- is following up her auto-tuned pop song "Friday" with a new video coming out on July 18.

And no, it won't be named "Saturday." Dubbed "My Moment," Black's second single will tell "the story of her sudden rise to fame." Really? After releasing just ONE song? How much can she really have to sing about?


Kind of reminds you of Bieber's feature-length motion picture, doesn't it? The movie telling the life story of a kid who isn't even old enough to drink yet? A kid who just happened to be discovered via his YouTube videos?

It's no surprise Black would have a bit of Bieber fever. She's the perfect age, and she's trying to follow in his footsteps. Literally. Apparently Black is such a big shot -- what with having her song appear on Glee and making her own cameo in Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night" video -- that she's moving up in the world. The 13-year-old has tapped Brandon "Blue" Hamilton, who worked on The Biebs' Never Say Never: The Remixes, to co-write the song with Quinton Tolbert, a writer at Plumbline Music Group. Charlton Pettus, who has worked on the soundtracks of a number of films, from Fever Pitch to A Cinderella Story, was involved in the production.

Need a little more evidence? Black says her musical influences include Bieber's girlfriend Selena Gomez. And you'll never guess who her dream duet is. Yup, it's Justin himself ... maybe so she can push him off the stage and sneak into his purple hoodie?

Will you be checking out her YouTube channel on July 18 for her big moment? Do you think Rebecca Black will ever be as big as Justin Bieber?


Image via YouTube

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