Dina Lohan May Dance With the 'Stars', But She Will Never Be One

Dina Lohan is more famous for being a bad mother than almost anything else she has done, but Lindsay Lohan's mom won't let lack of stardom stop her from appearing as one of the "stars" on Dancing With the Stars next season.

Lohan says there is nothing definite and I, for one, am not sure what to hope for. Because the idea of it is just depressing. Lindsay Lohan was just a little girl when her mom shoved her in front of a camera and we all know how badly things have turned out for her.

She has been used as a pawn in her mother's scheme to get famous since birth, and any show that showcases her is just feeding into that. What is this woman really famous for except being a total train wreck of a parent?


OK, so it will be good ratings and, yes, I would probably watch it. I can be the bigger person and admit I am a hypocritical, shallow person that way. But who doesn't want to see the spectacle of "White Oprah" (the nickname Lindsay's friends once gave Dina) dancing away while her daughter nurses legal, emotional, and drug problems?

DWTS walks a fine line, really. There are the real contenders and then the ones who they hire for the spectacle. And as much as I wish it weren't true, Dina Lohan will draw the viewers. She may not be a "star," but she is a wreck and we all know it's hard to ignore a car crash.

Will you watch Dina Lohan on DWTS?

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