Model Daisy Lowe Will Lose Her Cool in ‘Playboy’

daisy loweDaisy Lowe is a beautiful girl. In fact, she's so beautiful that she's a professional model. And I don't mean "done some work for a Sears catalog" professional, I mean she's walked the catwalk for Chanel and posed for Burberry professional. So, why the hell is she doing Playboy?

The daughter of Gavin Rossdale (yes, she found out the Bush frontman is actually her father -- at age 14!) has decided to shed her clothes and get all nekkid for the September issue. Why? God (and Daisy) only knows. I mean, she's already proven herself to be drop-dead gorgeous and unbelievably sexy. Isn't that enough? Or is somebody jealous of the Kardashians?


Daisy's decision to do Playboy -- make of it what you will -- is only going to make her "mainstream" to non-fashion followers. She could be the next person who is famous for no good reason at all, possibly even a household name. And everybody knows there are only three ways to make yourself a household name these days: Do Playboy, get a reality show, have a sex tape. Kim obviously having the trifecta.

This bums me out for a variety of reasons. One being, as I mentioned above, Daisy's a beautiful -- and cool -- girl. I really don't see the need for her to do smutty Playboy. Two being it's always a disappointment to humanity when we're reminded of the ways in which people get famous. And three, doesn't rock star dad clout count for anything anymore?

See, Daisy's not the first "rock spawn" to strip down for the girlie mag. Mick Jagger's daughter, Lizzy, did it two months ago. And not long before that, Keith Richards' daughter, Alexandra, posed for the French version of the magazine. Don't these girls realize that they're cooler than any of us will ever be simply based on the fact that they were born? Their dads are legends. Just sit back and bask in your awesomeness, ladies. Nothing to prove here.

Whatever, though. Even though I hate to see Daisy do what I view to be a trashy mag, I'm sure she'll look damn good doing it.

Do you think Daisy should do Playboy?


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