Prince William & Kate Middleton Pooh-Pooh Private Jet to Keep It Real

william kate leaving los angelesAfter their whirlwind North American tour, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge jumped in a Range Rover and headed to LAX to fly home. You probably figured that William and Kate would go from the luxury vehicle to an equally posh private jet, right? But no! For some crazy bizarre reason, the royal couple boarded a regular commercial British Airlines flight back to the U.K. They made a point to schmooze the flight crew (who are so polished and perfect, you'd think they stepped right out of the upcoming '60s TV show Pan-Am), and then took their first-class seats alongside their entourage and security. Why on earth ...? 

Granted, first-class seats on a British Airways flight are still a galaxy away from how most of us travel, you know, in a coach seat on Southwest Airlines. (For one thing, those first-class seats turn into BEDS!) But when you're ROYALTY, for crying out loud, why would you stoop to flying commercial?


Most of us find ourselves wanting to pull our hair out while traveling commercial, wishing we only had the means to fly private. But maybe Will and Kate had solid reason for choosing to make the long journey from LAX to Heathrow with a bunch of commoners.

For one, it's a smooth PR move. The poverty-stricken Skid Row area was their last pit stop in L.A., and maybe they realized that to go from there to a private flight would have seemed jarring to the public. Also, flying commercial certainly is more eco-friendly, and I could see these two hoping this move would help them come off as even more youthful, green-conscious, progressive, "next-generation" monarchs.

And speaking of "next-gen" monarchs, I would venture to guess that it was a move to show the world they're not interested in acting like elitists. Flying private is the ultimate, but it also means you're sheltered from the real world. It seems like William's constantly conscious of being like his mother -- "The People's Royalty" -- so it makes sense that flying with regular Brits back home would help solidify that image he and Kate are clearly trying to portray. And good for them! More world-famous public figures could serve to be so down-to-earth.

What do you think of Wills & Kate's commercial flight home? Why do you think they did it?


Image via WireImage/Splash News

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