Mila Kunis Shows Her Panties and Her Smarts

Mila Kunis is basically the hottest thing in Hollywood right now. There she is on the cover of GQ magazine in a pair of barely there undies, pulling up her transparent shirt as if to say, "Gaze upon my perfectly flat abs, O Mortals, and weep for the fallen soufflé that has taken over your post-child midsection!" (I may be projecting, here), and she's still sexy and even sort of likeable -- even though she's pretending to be shlorking down a Venti Fattucino which OH YEAH RIGHT LIKE SHE EATS CARBS.

I don't want to like Mila Kunis, dammit. I found her Black Swan character sort of annoying and I've never quite forgiven her for publicly sighing about how some women in L.A. rely solely on their looks and some -- presumably some just like her -- have more to offer the world and thus are constantly fighting against the stereotype. Oh, poor attractive little bunny.

Plus, I have a policy about That '70s Show alums. In that they generally suck. 


But there's something about Kunis that makes her appealing even to curmudgeonly soufflé-bellied cranks like myself. Maybe it's that she legitimately seems to appreciate smart female comedies, or maybe it's her nerdy Star Trek fandom. Maybe it's just that she clearly knows what to do with a golden egg like this Friends With Benefits movie she's in with Justin Timberlake, which is the world's most perfect opportunity for her to pose in her panties, publicly grope Timberlake's junk, and get calculatingly intimate while discussing the reality of the friend hookup:

It's like communism -- good in theory, in execution it fails. Friends of mine have done it, and it never ends well. Why do people put themselves through that torture? (...) friends with benefits isn't a purely sexual relationship -- it's two people who like each other having sex, not a random hookup. And when two people who like each other have sex, eventually someone catches feelings and everything is fucked. You might be able to treat our relationship as killing time. I might not. I may be in love with you.

Not only is she media-savvy, but she made a damn smart move by recently accepting Afghanistan-stationed Sgt. Scott Moore's YouTube invitation to an upcoming Marine Corps Ball. (Adorable, but I wonder how many hopeful videos are being made by soldiers right this minute. "Megan Fox, I just want to -- " "Ms. Jolie, I realize you're in a committed relationship, but I -- ").

Kunis is ridiculously hot, she's single, she seems to generally be smarter than your average hardbody, and she looks just different enough to stand out from the blonde blue-eyed crowd. It's her game to lose, don't you think? I predict the next five years will be the Mila Period in Movies ... you know, unless she does something silly like get married and have a kid.

Are you a Mila Kunis fan?

Image via GQ

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