Halle Berry Definitely Needs a Man -- and Fast!

Halle Berry Nahla daughterPoor Halle Berry. Life just hasn't been all that hunky dory for the single mom and actress lately, and this time she has a security issue. Some dude jumped the security wall of her home on Saturday morning, which led to a confrontation between the man and one of Berry's staffers. The creeper told some sort of "wrong house" fib and left. Unfortunately, he scaled the wall again on Sunday, and Halle herself spotted him from her kitchen window and called 911. Yikes!

Halle Berry needs to get herself a man. And quick!


Time is of the essence here. Halle needs to get herself a man, a dude, a hulky guy stat -- you know, a big, bad security guard for hire. She needs to hire a burly, scary one with bionic eyes and Spidey wall-scaling abilities and, well, a gigantic stun gun ... Heck, it can even be a burly, scary woman with the same skills. No matter. Berry just clearly needs some sort of big bad protection, and more than anything, she needs to send a message to this intruder that he shouldn't be messing with her or her family.

Stalkers are nothing to toy around with from what I can tell. Sure, sometimes they're just desperate neurotics with social ineptitude, but other times they're psychotic nuts and who knows if this guy is one of the nuttiest? Time to beef up on security, Ms. Berry. We know you have the dough to hire someone bad-ass to protect you. Especially until they catch this alleged stalker or weirdo who's still at large.

What kind of security would you get if you were Halle Berry?


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