'Famous Food' Serves Up Lukewarm Leftovers

Danielle StaubFamous Food premiered tonight on VH1, and while all the ingredients for a feast of reality show goodness were there, it felt more like a serving of some lukewarm, second-day leftovers. The cast alone sounds like a recipe for some serious drama -- Heidi Montag, Danielle Staub, Jake Pavelka, and more -- but together, they might be too much ... and not enough to make the show work. Besides, most of them are well past what should be their expiration dates when it comes to their relevance, and this show did nothing to trump that.

The premise for the show means the contestants actually have to work -- they're competing for partnership in a restaurant run by the Dolce Group. They have 28 days to do everything from coming up with the concept to hiring staff, selecting uniforms, and getting the food ready to go. No small task for even the most talented folks, and these folks, well ... no one ever said reality television stars had to be talented.


Heidi and Danielle immediately hooked up as BFFs; it was scary seeing them together. Danielle was her usual brash and brazen self mowing down anyone in her way, which just so happened to be Vincent Pastore ("Big Pussy" of The Sopranos) tonight. They yelled and screamed at one another and yelled some more, but it just wasn't the same as when she and Teresa Giudice yell at each other. *sigh*

Jake Pavelka certainly didn't add any spice, as he sat passively by grinning that big old dumb smile that drove me insane when he was The Bachelor. Lame, he's lame, and I can barely watch when he's on camera ... which thankfully wasn't much this week.

Hands down the best contestant(s) to watch is rap group Three 6 Mafia. Made up of DJ Paul and Juicy J, playing as one, the rappers are hilarious. For example, when Ashley Dupre, the call girl in the Eliot Spitzer scandal, entered, the rappers' reaction: "There are two things I know about Ashley -- she hella fine and she likes to have sex." Watching the other contestants react to what comes out of their mouths is awesome.

Ashley actually turned out to be the one voice of reason amidst the group's madness. They wanted to open an Italian/soul food fusion restaurant named Fame. The judges -- ​Lonnie Moore and Mike Malin -- told them their idea sucked, which it did. They loved Ashley's idea for a picnic restaurant, however, and so she emerged the first favorite. Danielle in particular was so pissed, she might just flip one of those picnic tables.

Overall, the show wasn't horrible, but like leftovers, I found myself wishing there was something else in front of me. It's still tolerable enough that I'll continue to pick at it and perhaps tune in if there's nothing else to be had, but as soon as something fresh and new is cooked up, I'm likely to ditch this show without looking back unless it gets more appetizing quickly.

Did you watch Famous Food? What did you think?

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