'True Blood' Recap: Laughter in the Dark

true blood lafayette taraNothing turns me on more than a dark, depraved sense of humor -- so tonight's episode of True Blood, "If You Love Me Why Am I Dyin'?" definitely got me hot. And not a moment too soon: It was starting to feel like the series was sacrificing some of its twisted trademark laughs in favor of increasingly complex supernatural plot lines, but the evil grins are back in a big way.

One of the night's best lines comes in the first five minutes, right after Sookie punches the memory-compromised Eric in the face. Shocked, Eric tells her she broke his nose; Sookie rolls her eyes: He'll heal in a few minutes, he's a vampire. "I know what I am, Snooki," Eric growls. Brilliant! I can't believe it took this long for that little name game to happen.


This is just the first of several adorably comedic moments courtesy of Mr. Northman. The second comes after an uncomfortable scene in were-panther world, where Jason is slowly being turned into an unwilling stud. We should be hearing the pitter-patter of lotsa were-panther cub paws pretty soon! Ick.

Anyway, Sookie takes the befuddled vampire into her home (well, his home) to guide him through his witch-induced amnesia, at one point washing his muddy feet: Turns out Eric is ticklish! Cuuuute! Seriously, Alexander Skarsgard's ability to shift the typically cool glint in his eyes to the warmly hypnotic gaze of a wounded beast is something to see. I'm sure Sookie will do her best to keep Eric safe from the wiccans, but personally I'm happy Pam is around to keep an eye on her maker ...

I'm also happy to see that my favorite cut-up in a headscarf, Lafayette, is back to his saucy self, as evidenced when Jesus mentions he could learn a thing or two from the way Tara keeps her cousin in line: "Boyfriend, you don't need to learn nothin' from nobody, you perfect just the way you is," he sing-songs in a delicious drawl.

Less entertaining were Jessica and Hoyt's continuing domestic disturbances, even if Bill was more endearing than usual when giving his protege some fatherly advice. As for Mr. Compton's kinky evening with Portia Bellefleur ... eh. Do I care? Not yet. Another story I don't care about? Sam's feud with trashy brother Tommy, now trying to rip off Hoyt's mom. Snore. More of Sam and that hot shifter chick running naked through the woods, please.

I was about to start snoring at the re-appearance of Claudine, too. Then -- yay! Eric pounces on the faerie, starts sucking, and doesn't stop until she turns into a creepy troll thing and explodes into sparkly dust. Enter my favorite exchange of the evening:

Sookie: You killed my fairy godmother!

Eric: (looking like a lovable Labrador who just got caught stealing a roast from the dining room table) Sorry.

Which parts of tonight's episode got you laughing?

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