Beckham Baby Girl Will Have Godparents Fit for a Princess

david beckham prince william
David Beckham asking Prince William
to be his daughter's godfather?
Victoria Beckham
gave birth to her beautiful 7 lb 12 oz little girl on Sunday at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. The news was shared via twitter by a spokesperson for David Beckham who said the couple is "delighted to announce the birth of their daughter," and that big brothers Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, 8, and Cruz, 6, "are excited to welcome their baby sister to the family." What hasn't been shared yet is the baby's name -- Mr. and Mrs. Beckham are supposedly torn between two names and are waiting until they know their baby better before naming her.

While we don't know the newest Beckham's name, rumors are flying about who the lucky little girl's godparents may be. Here's a hint: A real life prince and princess (or duke and duchess if you want to be exact).


That's right.

Prince William and Kate Middleton might do the honors of being the baby's godparents. How cool is that? Leave it to Victoria Beckham to finagle it so that her little girl gets personal access to her very own prince, princess, and castle. Maybe Baby Beckham could even have her first birthday party at Buckingham Palace. And ooh ... just think of the gifts she'll get from the Duke and Duchess.

How close are these couples anyway? The Beckhams attended the Royal Couple's wedding in April (along with about 1,998 other guests). Last night, David Beckham welcomed them to the U.S. at a reception held in their honor in Los Angeles (but the word on the street is that Beckham wasn't even on the guest list). And rumors are always swirling that Kate Middleton will be wearing Victoria Beckham fashion designs -- to her wedding, on her honeymoon, to the BAFTA event in LA last night -- but it seems those rumors never pan out (maybe Victoria starts them?). There's no real way to tell who's really friends with who in celebrity land, but apparently Will and Kate were among the first to text Beckham their congratulations on hearing the news that Victoria had given birth.

Maybe that was their way of tossing their godparent hats into the ring.


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