Scary Fire Makes Rihanna's Tour Louder & Hotter Than She Hoped (VIDEO)

rihanna loud tour showsRihanna could officially be the hottest performer around. Her Loud Tour concert at the American Airlines Center in Dallas burst into flames last night as she was singing her hit song "California King Bed." Rihanna left the stage as fireworks started raining down on the stage from a fire above, and fans had to be evacuated as sparks started falling toward the floor.

Take a look at the video:



It looks and sounds pretty scary and chaotic, but fortunately nobody got hurt. Rihanna had to end the concert early and she was not too pleased. She tweeted:

rihanna tweet

She also promised fans that she would be back and she was going into a production meeting to find out exactly what went wrong during the concert to cause the fire (some reports say it was caused by busted lighting).

Of course with a busy tour schedule already set (Rihanna is performing in Houston tonight) and tickets already sold, it's hard to say if she can really make good on her promise and whether last night's fans will actually ever get to see the show in full (if they aren't too freaked out). Stars shouldn't be so quick to make promises their handlers, agents, producers, etc., won't let them fulfill.

And what of the money concertgoers paid to see last night's performance? No word on whether that will be refunded, but chances are slim.

Do you think Rihanna should do a repeat performance in Dallas? Should concertgoers get their money back?



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