Greyson Chance's Similarity to Justin Bieber Isn't All Bad

greyson chanceHave you heard of Greyson Chance? Sure you have. You know, the pint-sized version of Justin Bieber who launched his music career when a video of him singing Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" went viral earlier last year? I could hardly believe that that voice was coming out of that sixth grader's mouth!

Well, now Chance is onto bigger and better things, outside of the middle school auditorium. He recently launched his first single, "Unfriend You" and is debuting his new album Hold on 'Til the Night this weekend on QVC.

And while I'm so totally pumped to see what else Greyson has in store for us, I can't help but compare him to the Biebs. Really, the similarities are uncanny. Will this baby Bieber ever be able to step out of the Canadian's shadow? I believe he will. Take a look at the 5 ways Chance resembles the Justin, none of which, will hold him back from finding his own success.


1. Their hair. I just had to. That bowl cut is so totally in, from what I can tell from teeny-bopper tabloids.

2. YouTube rise to fame. Both of these boys found fame through the help of YouTube. Sure, JB may have a few hundred million more hits on his first single, "Baby," but Greyson's 41 million + hits on his Lady Gaga cover isn't exactly something to cry about.

3. They both debuted albums on QVC: Crazy, right? I mean I didn't know stars, aside from the Kardashians, did big things on QVC. Bieber visited the home shopping network last March, debuting My World 2.0. Greyson will be there this Sunday at 10 a.m.

4. Big time mentors. Bieber was taken under Usher's wing and signed to his record label very early on. If it wasn't for Gaga's praise and acceptance over Greyson's cover, he may still be hanging out in his hometown in Oklahoma.

5. Two syllable names. They're so hip these days. Mine's three syllables. Why couldn't I have been an Emma, instead of an Em-il-y?

If you ask me, it doesn't matter that the two singers are so similar. There's plenty of room for all of this talent out there. And for all you Greyson fans out there, you can look forward to seeing him on Raising Hope next season in a guest role. Way to go, boy! It really sounds like you're enjoying this stardom joyride, and having all the types of fun a 13-year-old should.

Take a look at the video for Greyson's first single, and tell me: Do you think he has what it takes to be a super star?

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