Rob Pattinson's New Haircut Reveals Embarrassing Secret (PHOTO)

rob pattinson new haircutOf course we all love Rob Pattinson. To many women, he'd be cute and charming if he had a bag over his head. But what if he looked like he cut his hair with a bag over his head??? I kid, I kid. But the guy did premiere his brand new hairdo recently. It seems as soon as he wrapped shooting on Cosmopolis in Toronto, he went straight for the razor (in the dark?) to create this pseudo-mohawk-ish look.

Men and their hair! Sigh. My boyfriend is always complaining about his hair getting out of control, and Rob probably felt that way after having to have his hair a certain way for the movie. But did he really have to do ... this?! I don't know, ladies. I'm not really feelin' it. 

Not only does it look like it was cut haphazardly, but it's also not exactly, errm, flattering, you know? Of course, yes, yes, he's still a Hottie McHotterson.


But the cut doesn't do anything for him. In fact, some style critics are suggesting that it actually shows off his receding hairline. Eeep!! Say it isn't so?! The good news: Hair grows. Sooner or later (hopefully sooner), Rob will have his good ol' Prince Charming-gone-punky mane back. Or so we can hope.

What do you think of RPattz's new hair?


Image via S Fernandez/Splash News

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